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The Canadian Hydronics Conference is the premiere opportunity for all hydronics industry participants - contractors, wholesalers, engineers, builders and renovators to learn from North America’s leading hydronics educators. Great training puts you ahead of your competition!

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  • Includes all four conference sessions, admission to the CIPHEX West Trade Show (exhibits), PLUS, one year complimentary Installer Membership in the Canadian Hydronics Council for those who are eligible.  
  • Premium registrants also receive a FREE Gift and an invitation to the Canadian Hydronics Council Social event on November 2nd (after the show closes).

Regular Canadian Hydronics Conference Package

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  • Includes All four CHC Sessions, plus admission to the CIPHEX West Trade Show (exhibits).

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Wednesday, November 2

Hydronic Systems Using Low-Ambient Air-To-Water Heat Pumps

Time: 7:30 am - Continental Breakfast (pastries, coffee and tea)
           8:00 am - 12:00 (noon) - Workshop

Fee:  $129.00. Includes admission to the CIPHEX West Trade Show (exhibits) and Continental Breakfast

This session will focus on the emerging technology used in heat pumps that can absorb heat from very low temperature (sub 0°F), and use that heat to produce water temperatures up to 130°F. This new generation of heat pumps approaches the performance of geothermal systems, but at a much lower installed cost. You will learn about their unique operating characteristics and see several ways to incorporate these heat pumps into a system that provides space heating, cooling and domestic hot water. Piping, controls and buffering will also be discussed and several complete system designs will be presented.

Speaker: John Siegenthaler, P.E. , Appropriate Designs

Systems Efficiencies and Comfort: Water (Hydronics) vs VAV and VRF

Time: 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Fee:  $35.00

This session will discuss and compare efficiencies of the three major types of HVAC systems: hydronic; air; and refrigerant. Examples of efficiencies of operating projects will be presented and discussed. Analysis of manufacturers published AHRI efficiency data will be presented and discussed and compared to the results of operating projects. A methodology will be presented to compare efficiencies of different HVAC systems using manufacturers’ AHRI published equipment efficiency data.  

Speaker: Greg Cunniff, Manager of Application Engineering, Taco, Inc.

Heat Up Your Hydronic Sales - Tips to Grow Your Business

Time: 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Fee:  $25.00

You will leave this session armed with new ideas and tools to increase your sales including:

  • The top benefits of hydronic heating for home-owners
  • Hot trends in hydronic heating – what’s new and hot!
  • Insight into the minds of consumers and how to connect with them
  • 5 ways to promote your business via social media
  • Tips for packaging your services
  • and ways to set your business apart

 Speaker: David Hughes, Associate Chair (Special Projects), Pipe Trades, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and Chairman of the Canadian Hydronics Council

Thursday, November 3

Hydronics for High Efficiency / Low Emission Biomass Boilers

Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 (noon)

Fee:  $129.00. Includes admission to the CIPHEX West Trade Show (exhibits) and Continental Breakfast

This session will focus on the specific operating characteristics of pellet-fired and cordwood gasification boilers, and how modern hydronics can be used to create a balance of system that respects these characteristics. Topics covered will include boiler operating characteristics, boiler protection, thermal storage tank piping and control methods, integration of auxiliary boilers, and several complete system designs.  You will see how off-the-shelf hardware can be combined in unique ways to create systems that burn carbon-neutral fuels and deliver unsurpassed comfort. 

Speaker: John Siegenthaler, P.E. , Appropriate Designs